Sister/Fellow Topangans!

Are you like me and Bill, and…
... you dug your ham radio out of your Emergency Box after our seismic week in July?”
... you have a ham radio license, and you sorta even remember your call sign?
... you want to be more comfortable with ACTUALLY USING IT during an emergency?
... AND - most importantly - you need to know the latest frequencies for Topanga?
... OR do you NEED a ham license and maybe even a ham RADIO?

Well, good news! Norm Goodkin - our local patron saint of ham licensing - is going to help us dust off our radios and our rusty skills, right here in Topanga! And if you’re not a hamster yet, he’ll make you wish you were and help you get your license! 

Please tell us if you're interested!

—Organized by repentant lapsed hams, Jane Terjung & Bill Naylor
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